How to find a good web designer?

Web designers are not hard to find but a trustworthy web designer is.

Tip 1 – Recommendation

Ask friends, business colleagues or family if they can recommend anyone they have used before. As this could save you a lot of time and hassle if your close circle has used them before and were happy with the results.

Tip 2 – Local Company

Search local on google e.g. Web Design YOUR LOCATION as its easy to meet and discuss your website requirements face to face or via Skype or any other video meeting application.

Tip 3 – Testimonials

Read testimonials and online reviews of the company you want to engage with, make sure there is no negative feedback or if so, how have they responded? as it may be a mistake. Do the reviews look genuine and most importantly current.  Ideally you should be looking for google business reviews as these are added by the client themselves.

Tip 4 – Examples of Work

Make sure they have a good modern Bristol Web Design portfolio and that websites work on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices. Also have alook to see if they have examples for your niche of sector, so they will have a better understanding of your needs.

Tip 5 – Contact their clients

Contact the companies in there portfolio to make sure they have actually created the website they show and were happy with service.

Tip 6 – Second Opinion

Ask for a second opinion with a friend, business partner or family member to make sure you are making the right decision.

Tip 7 – Design Awards

Has the company won any design awards or helped out in the local community, so they are well known? Make sure they have been
established for many years as you then know they should be a genuine company with history.

Tip 8 – Support and Maintenance

Do they offer an after sales support and maintenance service if things go wrong? The last thing you want to happen is you have your website built and a few months later there has been an update and it doesn’t work, make sure they will help and support you.

Tip 9 – Trust

Make sure you trust them as they could own your domain name and have control over your emails. Go with your gut instinct if you don’t like the look or something or if something sounds to good to be true, walk away.

Tip 10 – Budget and Timescales

Make sure they are within your budget, most web design companies don’t advertise there web design prices as each project is unique. Send them a quick overview of your requirements and ask for a guide price, so you don’t waste any ones time, plus ask for realistic timescales.

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