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Simply view our Bristol Web Design Portfolio Web Design Bristol Digital agency, Ben Smith are experts in creating websites that deliver results and achieve a great return on your investment by utilizing tried and tested calls to actions and search engine optimized content. We are based in Westbury on Trym, Bristol helping many clients in the local area and Worldwide.  With over 13 years experience in web design and marketing, we boost a large client base of over 200 clients and still growing! We have a fantastic portfolio and over just a small selection online. We work with small businesses to large companies in America, Canada, Europe and of course in Bristol, Bath and Somerset! Our design and expertise offering includes.

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Web Design in Bristol

Complete web design solutions from simple web updates and maintenance to complete rebrands and of course new website builds.

Bristol SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

No website would be complete without maximising onsite keywords to gain optimum exposure in search engines. Besides onsite Seo we can help with niche market high pr links.

Logo Design

Your brand is very important that’s why our logo design Bristol team can support you create a simple, clean, elegant or funky logo to improve or enhance your website design.

Google Adwords Management

Our Bristol team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a winning campaign. We use customizable techniques to tweak your campaign for optimized results, we know our exact match keywords to modified broad searches, find best goal converting times as one size doesn’t fit all.

Using a Marketing Company in Bristol

What is Marketing: How a Bristol Marketing Company can help your business grow When you want to promote or sell a brand. Product or service, you need to communicate its worth to prospective buyers and that is what marketing is. Marketing techniques comprise of conducting a market survey to understand consumer behaviour (which can be […]

The Importance of local Bristol SEO

The Importance of local SEO Bristol SEO Introduction SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has today evolved into a crucial ingredient of any business poised for growth and success. In most of the world, SEO is an indispensable tool that most entrepreneurs and specialists use to improve website rankings in Google’s search engine, and turn potential […]

5 Seo tips for your business website

Help give you website a boost in Search Engines! 1. Make sure you have enough content to keep the user engaged and enough for the search engines to use. We tend to suggest 300 or so words. 2. Correctly complete title, description and meta tags, in that order of importance! Write naturally and only add […]

Web Design Weston Super Mare

Web Designer in Weston Super Mare, Somerset   Are you looking for affordable web design in Weston, Somerset? We have over 10 years of experience helping local businesses and large corporate clients. Our services include, design, building, seo, marketing, logo design, consultation and advice.   Did you want to know more about Weston? Read below… […]

How can Pinterest Help Your Website Profile?

Pinterest is fast gaining momentum. It has already become the fourth largest social media platform. This online pin board has almost 10 million registered users and the number is increasing every day. Although essentially Pinterest was started as a photo sharing site, its scope has grown immensely. It can be an excellent tool to strengthen […]

New Walking Holiday Website Launched

Take a look at One Foot Abroad walking holidays website, we designed the look and feel of the website, it is very easy to navigate, showing authentic adventures in Europe, making it easy to purchase or plan your next holiday. Lots of different itereraries in each region make it a valuable website for your next […]

What is Guerilla Marketing?

All you need are some creative ideas, well planned locations and the assistance of some energetic employees to execute them. It takes you back to times when there were limited advertising and marketing options and vendors had to actually peddle their ware with show and pomp. What is guerilla marketing? If your business does not […]

New Web Design for Granite Overlays

Take a look at our latest web design http://www.graniteoverlay.co.uk Why pay more for new worktops when we can cover your existing worktops Transform your kitchen worktops in just one day with GRANITE OVERLAY If you are looking for a stylish new kitchen, without the cost of a complete rip-out and refit, Granite Overlay is like […]

How to Register and Check a Domain Name?

Small business owners who wish to extend their business presence to the virtual territory, need to create a website for establishing their online presence. A prerequisite for creating your business website is registering the domain name. The steps described below illustrate the process of registering your domain name. You will require a domain name registrar […]

Importance of Proofreading

Spelling errors in content not only ruin the essence of the copy but also give an unprofessional image of the website or blog. Proofread your piece of writing thoroughly to ensure that the content is reader-friendly. In corporate communications – whether you are writing short emails or lengthy financial reports – spelling, punctuation and grammatical […]

Digital Agency Bristol | Digital Marketing Somerset

What Roles Does A Digital Agency Provide? Digital agencies can be of three types – a full service digital agency, digital think tanks and digital production houses. A full service digital marketing agency has evolved its strategic capabilities to offer its strategic, digital, technical and creative prowess to a brand through its web savvy execution. […]

Benefits of Illustrations and Icons for Websites

Benefits of Illustrations and Icons for Websites Illustrations and icons help raise interest, draw attention, and communicate a message more effectively to your audience. Illustrations and icons must be incorporated in the right manner for your business to derive maximum benefits. Hire a web design service that is knowledgeable in the strategic usage of these […]

What are Infographics?

What are Infographics? Information graphics, also called as Infographics, encompass visual representation of knowledge, data or information. When a large amount of data is converted into Infographics, it can be easily conveyed across to the viewers and the viewers are able to understand the concepts more easily. This also increases the interest and attentiveness of […]

Logo Rebranding Benefits: Re Installs Faith

There are two outcomes to hope for when your business takes off. One of them points your venture towards brighter, profitable prospects whereas the other pulls you even further back than you originally were. If your guidance and outlook takes the company on the path mentioned first, expansion and growth is bound to come next. […]

Analyzing Olympic Branding 2012

‘Olympics’ is the word every person all over the world, especially in London has been chanting for quite a few months now. Well, the power of the Olympics is infectious and making everyone one speak highly of branding at this great event. The commencement of the Olympics this summer has ensured fiesta around the country. […]

Most Vital SEO Terminology Explained

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process which involves specific techniques for boosting the online visibility of a specific product/brand in order to generate a favorable response from consumers. As a result of growing awareness about technology, computers and internet, big as well as small scale businesses are taking the assistance of SEO techniques […]

benefits of local SEO searches

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the most productive technique of making contact with potential customers. Search Engine Optimization process makes extensive use of popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. in order to promote a particular business or brand on the internet. By increasing the online visibility of a certain product/brand name, one can […]

Your Website and Twitter – Hand in Hand

Twitter Tips For Driving Traffic to your Website design – Use Them to Make Things Work for You Social media networking sites are soaring high in terms of undying popularity. This has been a constant pattern over the past few years and many wish to explore these highly powerful platforms to their full advantage. Both […]

PR Company

You have a mind-boggling idea, an out of the world product, extremely intelligible service! How would you sell without reaching the masses? That is where PR does the needful. Public Relations is an efficient instrument for managing communication between a company and the public. The reach of PR is so wide and vast that it […]

Role of a marketing company

A Marketing company has many vital roles and responsibilities. These roles can be towards the company’s clients, employees, executives, society and the environment in general. Marketing as all of us know is said to be the most vital element that offers to increase the publicity, visibility and awareness about your company. It is important for […]

How Google Plus can benefit Your Business

What is currently creating a buzz in business circles is the release of Google’s new social media platform – Google Plus and its possible benefits for businesses. The very fact that Google Plus comes from Google increases its ‘desirability’ quotient several fold. What is Google Plus Google Plus is a new social media network that […]

PSD to HTML conversion – what is it?

PSD to HTML conversion is one of the ways to make your website look different from the rest. What is PSD to HTML conversion? PSD is the file format of Adobe Photoshop, which is one of the popular formats for producing stylish and attractive websites using Adobe Photoshop software. PSD to HTML conversion is the […]

Improving website bounce rate

Seven Surefire Strategies to Improve the Bounce Rate of Your Website The aim of your website is to not only attract traffic, but to also ensure conversions. This is possible only if visitors stay for long and not leave right from the landing page. In Google analytics, this attribute is called ‘bounce rate’, and lower […]

QR Codes in Marketing

Benefits of QR Codes in Marketing for Print and Web Design The immense potential of QR codes as potent marketing tools is being realized today, due to the boom in the smart phones market, which, according to industry experts is here to stay. Smart phones equipped with appropriate software can read QR code designs easily […]

IOSH Training Bristol Website Design

New website launch for Training in Bristol http://www.channelcompliance.co.uk/ Channel Compliance is fast becoming the first choice for industry consultancy, training and assessment. We believe in “going the extra mile” for our clients through consultation with you to understand your needs and work hard to provide a best value service.    

What is PPC? – Pay Per Click Methods

If you are interested in making some money on the internet with your website, then you need to learn some of the most common and effective methods for lucrative internet ventures. There are a number of different options for any entrepreneur who would like to create a home business, but one of the most profitable […]

Benefits of a Freelance Website Designer

In today’s day and age with the internet being a part of everything we do, it is almost assumed that all businesses have a website set up. Anyone seeking out the products or services of any business will most likely turn to the internet first to see what they are all about. Having a good […]

Need help with PowerPoint Presentation Design?

We provide help and expertise in designing presentations  for Microsoft Powerpoint. Our services include bespoke graphics, template updates; style formatting; professional layout design and help with speaker notes. We can help with a simple tweak of your slides to make them consistant or a complete PowerPoint presentation makeover. Contact us for more information

What Is Augmented Reality? – Changing Our World

Technology has created some astounding things, and it continues to evolve even further each day.  From humble beginnings, computers have risen to a dominating position in the world and affect practically every aspect of our lives.  Cars, phones, even refrigerators now utilise computers as part of their functionality.  Even as we enjoy the many things […]

Leaflet Design Somerset | Graphic Design Testimonial

Leaflet Design Testimonial Ben Smith Marketing & Design service was originally recommended to me.  The service I have received on several occasions is both extremely efficient, professional and all at very competitive rates. The leaflets and posters were designed above and beyond my expectations.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to everyone […]

How to Find a Good IT Support Company

One of the worst things that a business can go through is when their computers and other IT systems go down. Today since so much of a business can revolve around the information in their computers that it can almost bring a business to a standstill. For this reason, many businesses are concerned with how […]

Benefits of a Content Management Based Website

For a business that is trying to develop a good relationship with their customers, there are many benefits of a content management based website. One of the main benefits can be the flexibility that such websites allow users. These websites can allow a variety of users to update or create new content for the website, […]

What Makes a Good Website Host?

If you want to have a website, you have to have a host for that website. A host is essentially the “place” that your site lives on the web. Without a host, you will not have anything more than a domain, or a name for you website. Finding the right host could be crucial to […]

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is an aspect of running a website that can make or break a site’s success. The theory behind SEO is that most websites nowadays get their traffic from search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others. There are formulas that these search engines use to determine which sites […]

Benefits of Social Media

If you run a business online, you may assume that your site will just build traffic naturally. That is not the case, and it does not take most people long at all to figure that out. You have to work at building traffic for your website, or you have to hire someone to do that […]

Adding your business to Yahoo UK information

Getting listing on Yahoo… Its real strange why you need to add your business to Yahoo Local via http://search.infoserve.com/are_you_listed.asp Once submitted expect a phone call about 2 days after submitting to the website, a company called infoserve will want you to upgrade your listing for a certain amount of money in return. After a few […]

Adding your website to Google Places can help your business

Google Places is a free service from Google that allows business owners to manage their Google presence. Formally called the Local Business Center, Google Places connects people with the information they are looking for by providing them with essential facts, reviews, photos and real-time offers and updates from businesses. With Google Places, you create a […]