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Ecommerce websites can truly be said to have changed the way we shop for absolutely everything. The vast majority of businesses have a web presence and, many, increasingly are using their sites to actually sell their products through this medium – this includes the secure and efficient booking of services. The enormity of the online world means that you can have your shop window in every household and every online device in the land. – View our Bristol web design portfolio.

We are excellently placed to be your partner in the on-line commercial environment. Avenues to your ‘shop’ can be created by all the weapons in the on-line arsenal, from SEO and blog writing through to making use of the various types of social media. A cleverly designed ecommerce site offers the chance for the potential customer to enter that shop, to view items in styles, price ranges, colours, to be persuaded of other products that they might be interested in – so called ‘up-selling’ and ‘cross selling’. This can be made more and more relevant to them as their online profiles are built behind the scenes (again something we can help with) while they browse. Visiting an attractively designed site can be a highly satisfying and entertaining experience for the on line shopper, where they can check out the latest news and trends, build wish lists, read articles relevant to their interests and – buy things.

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The most satisfying part of this type of window shopping, from the customer’s perspective – and therefore the most profitable for the seller –  is the ability to buy immediately and a well designed site will enable this happen by offering secure but easy payment at any hour of the day or night, in any location.

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Far more than this, with a tailor-made ecommerce package, you can ensure that this interaction is backed up by accurate stock control, merchandising, delivery and returns systems. As business owner, you can ascertain turnover and profits, you can find out how many people are visiting your shop, how many are buying and, very importantly, how they have been led to do this. You can tell very quickly what does well and what does not. You can base your forward buying decisions on this basis. Such a system also helps you to understand how to target precious marketing resources. You can respond quickly to new trends and events, products can be ‘on’ and ‘off’ the shelf in a few moments, as you can be in charge of content management, at any time and from anywhere.

We are all aware of the big players in the field of ecommerce and how their impressive complex sites operate slickly and how their presence has grown to truly vast proportions, however this kind of ecommerce is available to traders of all sizes and the sites can vary from simple to highly complex and multi-faceted.  Why not have a chat with us to see how an ecommerce site could be suitable for your business, now and going forward?

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