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Emails – the best way to market your web design and your business – on a day to day level and with the vast majority of users of the web – of all ages – are one of the most successful ways to get marketing messages to your potential, existing and historic customers.  We have the experience, knowledge and creative ideas to guide you through the email marketing, with as much or as little involvement from us as you feel comfortable with.

One of email’s great strengths is that the medium is completely flexible, both in terms of content and in terms of the ease and speed with which you can select to whom they will be sent.   An email can be extremely simple – from Sale Now On! With a direct link to the relevant area of your site, to a highly crafted, illustration and text rich communication.  It all depends on who you are aiming at and for what reason.  Emails allow you to target different areas of your database at different times, should you wish to push one particular product or service.

The obvious virtue of email is that it has virtually no mail out costs over and above putting together the initial message and taking the time to ensure that it is going to the right recipients.  The more you send, the cheaper per email it becomes.

Mailchimp Email Templates / IntouchCRM template designer

Another great virtue of emails and one which we will be happy to partner you in is that you can follow their progress to see how effective your emailing is. See who is opening a marketing email, who is then clicking through to your site and who is ultimately making a purchase. Statistical data can be harvested and your online marketing package set up so that feedback can be scrutinised. You can observe and refine your mailing in relation to your target audience. On the one hand observing what customers have bought so you can start to build a profile of their tastes and thus tailor your marketing, and on the other, you can avoid poisoning your brand by aggravating those who have asked to be unsubscribed, this is important because with the wildfire speed that news spreads around the myriad of social media, it is best to keep even non-customers sweet with regard to your brand.

Why not speak to us about the HTML templates that we can produce for you and talk to us about how we go about helping you to best optimise them. Be sure to ask about all aspects of our service in this area,  whereby we can design, launch, follow through and collect data on your email marketing campaigns on your behalf.

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