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In today’s very visual world it is noticeable how the written word still retains its importance, informing, guiding, engaging and persuading – especially on your web design. The online world generally uses clever images and moving pictures and sound antly, but there is still a place for words, particularly if you want to explain a product or service and when you want to offer clarity and precision.

The marriage of words and images is key, each one is far less without the other, particularly in ecommerce environments. When a service or a more complex product is being offered, and if the selling or ordering process is to take place immediately words will often be of more use than images. However how about making use of the written word in other ways too?  We can show you how to use words, fluently and relevantly, to attract the complex SEO algorithms that drive traffic to your site, to help you get the edge on your competitors.  This can be done by for example making liberal but subtle use of specialist vocabulary and phrases hot-lining to your target audience via the search panes of their browsers.

Another way to attract customers is to publish articles or blogs that will offer fresh, pertinent copy on a frequent and regular basis. These can be published on your own site, or elsewhere. All of this activity helps to keep the search engines interested in you as your site is antly updating and is increasingly populated by plenty of original content, but crucially too attracts those who are interested in what you want to sell in an organic way. Entertaining and informing prospective  customers, – give them something for free. Those who are interested in particular fields are usually very keen to read about them too (and discuss them – so talk to us about the amazing potential of forums), cooks, fashionistas, crafters, bookworms, gaming fans etc etc like to immerse themselves in what they love.

By ensuring that such writing it backed up with an efficient structure to capture the reader and direct them to your site and purchasing/ordering opportunities, it can be seen that they represent money well spent. We, of course, can ensure that such a structure is put in place. You are highly knowledgeable about your product and perfectly capable to writing your own descriptions and core copy, however, you may not have the interest in or (more probably) the time to dedicate to more extensive and ongoing writing about your field. If this is the case, why not get in touch with us to find out about how we can help you. Before we write for you, we will discuss your product in depth with you and tap into your huge knowledge of your area, we will take pains to reflect your corporate style and to make use of the very specialist terminology of your field.

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