Nuclear industry web design and marketing.

Ben Smith web designer for all areas – for example for a staff recruitment client in the nuclear industry

At Ben Smith we understand about designing websites, we can say with confidence that, as you would expect, we have technical strategies to create a strong online presence for any client and naturally, we are fully conversant and up-to-date with all coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods required in our field.  As a web designing studio and SEO specialist, we never know what sort of product we will be asked to help market next, this makes our work antly challenging and keeps us on our toes, not only in our area of expertise – SEO- but also in our knowledge of our individual clients’ needs.

As a case study consider, for example, a recruitment specialist in the rarified area of the nuclear industry in all its aspects. This is an interesting client because its needs are two-fold. As usual this site needs to be ‘out there’ SEO speaking and it needs to do so in a way that will be found and appeal to the potential staff that our client places for their clients from all areas of this industry working in fields as diverse as developing new forms of nuclear energy, to safe disposal of spent nuclear waste.  Additionally, however, it needs to be the place of choice the employers in the industry turn to first when they are looking to fill a variety of staffing postions.

So, in liaison with our client, we need make ourselves acquainted with all areas of the industry and the employers therein, and also the type of people who work in them.

Our site needs to be literate and compelling and must bear in mind the variety of targeted viewers, from nuclear scientists working in the areas of research and development on an international level – across the spectrum to trained operatives, on the ground,  who are vital to the running of the nuclear installations themselves.  Additionally, the site needs to put forward a highly professional, knowledgeable and efficient face to those companies who are looking to recruit. Put simply, all the vital components in the nuclear industry machine must also feel welcomed and find the information they require from the site we have designed for our client.

By use of attractive, easy to navigate and relevant images, salient pithy copy and pertinent links back to the client, so that their relationship with their two important kinds of potential clients can begin quickly and efficiently, the site we have built fulfils its function of being a shop window in two different ways and a source of information and efficient facilitator of interaction between our client and their market (both recruit and recruiter).

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