New build/housing development sectors.

Ben Smith writes about the benefits of a well functioning site meeting all the needs of a new build/housing development sectors

We understand about designing websites, clearly, we have technical strategies to create a strong online presence for any client and naturally, we are fully conversant and up-to-date with all coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods required in our field.  As a web designing studio and SEO specialist, we are asked to help with a wide variety of client’s website and on-line needs.

As a case study consider, for example, a property development company operating in the highly active area of the new build development sector in all its aspects. This is a client whose needs are two-fold.

Most importantly the site is a sales tool.  We must ensure that our client’s site is ‘out there’ SEO speaking and it needs to do so in a way that will be found and appeal to the potential target market of the type of house purchaser that our client builds for. We can make use of attractive images – both photographs and artists impressions of finished properties, floor plans, attractive internal room shots from various angles, as well as pictures of local attractions and facilities of a photogenic nature. PDF ‘brochures’ can be available to download for those who still like paper versions of such items.   The use of moving images can be used to show a walk-through or panoramic views of the various off plan properties. Devices which can place items that might be offered in a finished home such as fitted kitchens, curtains and carpets can also add interest and information to the site, adding detail to prospective buyer’s vision of their future home and so making them engage with the site. For the modern home buyer, who often does all their research on a smart-phone, and often while they are out and about, we would also supply a version of their site for such a client where all the essential information was available for mobile devices.

As well as being an attractive sales brochure, the site provides an active interface with prospective customers, so sales calls can be conducted, preliminary information made available and viewings organised.

Additionally, however, the site can, equally usefully be means of attracting and making contact with vital contractors in the housebuilding sector, from architectural engineers and site managers to specialist trades such a heating engineers or electricians and beyond – and not forgetting of course the sales people required to ‘close the deal’ on property sales.  These types of professionals often need to be found in large numbers and quickly when a particular development gets the go ahead and needs to get off the ground. The website must be high ranking and visible to those who are crucial to the smooth functioning of a busy building project ensuring that it is built and populated on time and on budget.

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