Fabrication Industry Marketing

Ben Smith talks about the special challenges of a business to business website for the Fabrication Industry

We have strategies to create a strong online presence for any client and naturally, we are fully conversant and up-to-date with all coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods required in our field.  At the heart of our on-line work is designing fit for purpose web designs.  Some such sites are very specifically in the business to business domain. For example, one of our clients is highly respected in the architectural metalwork field and we needed to design a site which gives the clarity of information required when selling to another business. This type of client needs to appeal effectively and accurately to the type of client who knows what service they are looking for.

Good images are obviously required, and in this instance we were helped because many of the structures produced by the company are very beautiful in themselves. In designing to our client’s brief we needed to have an understanding of all areas of the client’s industry, and the very specialized service that they provide, who makes use of this service and where the client’s work can be viewed in reality.  In the case of this Fabrication company we needed to immerse ourselves in the world of metal and glass staircases, balustrades, balconies and other forms of structural steel and glass-work. We needed to be able to emphasize and show the quality of the product itself, its intrinsic beauty, the high level of workmanship in manufacture and the skill involved in installation including clever problem solving and innovative approach. By use of generous number of images, slide shows and detail we brought the client’s projects to life on screen. Let us show you how the use of specialist social media as Vimeo is excellent for posting top-quality moving footage showing the whole design, manufacture and installation process.

We also needed to show the prestigious partners who have made this local firm the growing success that it is. We were happy to broadcast our client’s achievements and successful relationships with household names and respected partners. However, in addition to the accolades and pictures, areas of the site deal with important matters  such as health and safety and ISO and ES compliance with links to the various accreditations –  not the most exiting area of the site perhaps – but essential and important when talking about built structures, their longevity and quality.

Finally, the site like this is also designed to serve as a recruitment tool when required by our client. The website must be high ranking and striking and inviting to those specialized staff who are skilled in the area of steel structure work and who may be seeking new employment now or in the future.

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