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Are web designers becoming obsolete?

We dont think so! – But see the statistics below

It is a fair question in an era when slick and professional looking websites can be designed using the template resources and sophisticated ecommerce platforms available on the web and when you can subscribe to the tools needed to analyse and quantify visitors to your site, to ask why is the professional website designer still required to design, build and oversee the running of your site.

If you are just starting out in a small business, it may be that your time can be spent in setting up your site, you can learn what you need to from the internet and do the work yourself. You can design an attractive if formulaic site using the on-line templates available. You simply may not have the money at that point to do anything other than do everything yourself.

As your business starts to grow, however, as in many areas of life where we pay for services, whether you decide to get your site professionally designed will probably be firstly, a question of weighing up the value of time to a business against money to be spent. In other words, are you willing/can you afford to put in the time, or would it be more cost effective to employ someone for a fee so they can use their experience and specialism to do this for you. An analogy with something as complex as graphic design, coding and the work involved to keep up with the various aspects of SEO and other online marketing is, with that of legal work – you could run your own divorce – for example – if you take the time to learn what you need to know and then have the time to do the work required.

The availability of do it yourself law has not seen the end of the solicitor. Sometimes it is just better to leave it to the trained and experienced experts.

Wix, Moon Fruit, SquareSpace & WordPress – DIY Builders

With website design, as with any type of design there is that extra element –creative flare. Are you able to think of various visual ideas as to how your all important shop window should look and how to follow this through at every level of your site? Do you understand your market and the ‘look’ that reflects this and would make your site, particularly really stand out?  Your strengths may lie in completely other areas – you may be an inspiring life coach, a wizard with accounts, or a brilliant engineer, but not have an eye for graphic design.

Looking to the future of your site, here is another area why web designers and builders are far from becoming obsolete.  To run a successful site, you need up to speed with the very latest platforms available in the fast moving world of the internet. Keeping you compliant with the latest SEO trends, is another key area. Bear in mind too, as your business grows, your site will grow too, but also it will evolve. The world of websites is far from static. You can feel more confident about this if you are in partnership with a good web designer who can monitor and develop your site to reflect accurately your organization’s changing needs.


Job Statistics from

Show that permanent job placements for ‘web designers’ has slowed down over the years but we believe the freelance market is more popular coming into 2020.

Web designers will never be obsolete as you still need a level of creative design to achieve a good looking website which cant be created using Artificial Intelligence.

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