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85 AMAZING Facts, Statistics, Hacks, Tips, Actions to improve your business website

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Interesting facts by a Web Designer in Bristol:

Google now uses 200+ factors in their algorithm including social signals user – interaction and trust.

Multi step forms increase conversations by up to 10%

7 time rule – when your brand is seen 7 times by a user, you have better conversations.

Walmart increase conversations 2% for every second they improved their load time.

3,200 google algorithm updates in a year.

Nearly 90% of people trust reviews online as much as they do with reviews direct from friends or family.

98/99% of customers will never convert ice cold.

88% of consumers read online reviews to determine if a local business is good

85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before they trust a certain business

Emotional content in adverts performed twice as well as those with only rational content

Unfortunately only 3% of people trust marketeers and sales people

82% of shoppers check out items on their mobile phone for reviews before making the final purchase

google generates revenue outside of adverts. Adverts makeup 90% of their income

Customers of clients who come to you by referral have a 16% higher lifetime value

71% of marketing executives use six or more types go marketing technologies in their day to day lives

Just in the United States alone of people from the ages of 18 to 49 read blogs

A second in load time delay on average will cost you 6.8% of your revenue

1 billion blogs that means there is one blog for every 7.5 people in the world

Over 250 million people share what they are doing in their personal life each day just on instagram alone

Blogs tend to have on average user time on site of less than 1 minute

A faster a website loads the higher you rank and convert users

Stand out – go. Above and beyond

Create an amazing experience/ go above and beyond

Offer value first to build trust – educate then sell

Open to giving – offer free trial free service or an e- book

Build connections to gain contact details with quizzes e-books or courses

Remember build content for humans not algorithms

Follow up and nurture contacts with automated e-mails and push notifications

Build 1 social platform at a time – see what works for you

Live chat with users help them real time

Don’t take short cuts if it sounds too easy don’t do it

Get social – connect and talk off – line

Not all social channels are equal find what works for you

Add push notifications via

Think budget as its the most important part of a new partnership

Create free ebooks use wordpress social locker to promote and share

Amazing copywriting is key

80% of the advert budget should be the headline

You lose 6 out of 10 people on headline if not appealing
8 out of 10 people will read headline but only 2 out of 10 will click through

Test 5 different headings

a/b test for best ctr

Keep headings under 50 characters

Use actions keywords get attention with words tips lessons hacks tricks ideas image proven easy don’t miss out win new secret instant result

Research topics that people want to know about with quora ubersuggest Facebook groups amazon

Use specific details e.g. numbers

Check Amazon / reddit for books in your niche – find 3 star reviews see what’s missing from book and review and write about it

Use the words you and I within your blog posts for a personal touch

Best converting emotions


Colour matters

People make a subconscious judgement about your site within 90 seconds of viewing it between 62% – 90% of that judgement is based on colour alone

Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%

85% of customers feel that colour is the primary factor when choosing a product

Colour preference by gender



Blue is the favourite colour of most men and over one-third of women

Colour preference by age

Teenagers under 19
Charcoal black
Jade black
Denim blue
Crimson red
Splashed white
Tangerine orange

Young adult 20 – 30 years
Caroline blue
Sand gold
Quartz silver
Cherry red
Hickory brown
Eggplant purple

Adults 30 – 40
Oxford blue
Powder blue
Earl grey
Dull magenta
Emerald green
Heather purple

Middle aged 40 – 55
Pebble black
Misty grey
Smokey teal
Apricot pink
Pine green
Pantone plum

Senior citizens 55+
Suave mauve
Frosty lime
Pale beige
Crepe pink
Snow blue
Candle white

Colour emotion guide

Yellow – optimism clarity warmth
Orange – friendly cheerful confidence
Red – excitement youthful bold
Purple – creative imaginative wise
Blue – trust dependable strength
Green – peaceful growth health
Grey. – balance calm neutral
Build your own colour schemes

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