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Did you want to know more about Weston? Read below…

If there is one lesson that the seaside resort of Weston super Mare teaches you, it is ‘to always believe in your vision’. After all, it is this fearless, self-assured stance that made a small village of about 100 inhabitants turn into a flourishing Victorian beach resort boasting of a population of around 70,000. Located on the Bristol Channel coast, the enterprising spirit of a handful of Westonites ensured that Weston super Mare grabbed its share of spotlight.

This quaintly named town got its name from a mix of two Saxon or Old English words ‘west tun’ or settlement, the Latin word super or above, and the Latin for sea, Mare. During the late 18th century, the revitalizing benefits of bathing in sea water made residents of Bristol and Bath look towards Weston.

In a way, this was the first experience in tourism for Weston. Interestingly, Weston’s first ever guide book was penned in around 1822 when the population was only 735 and there was just one hotel, two inns and a lot of lodging houses. Today, the thriving tourist destination’s popularity can be illustrated by the fact that a 2009 survey by Visit England ranked the pier at Weston as one of the country’s top 10 free attractions.

Not to be Missed Places of Interest

Weston Beach

Winning accolades and awards for its cleanliness and quality of water, the naturally formed Weston beach boasts of the world’s 2nd highest tidal range. A world-class tourist attraction is the Weston Grand Pier on the beach along with a treat for the sea life lovers, the Weston Sea Aquarium, where the panoramic views round the estuary of Wales vie for attention with over 25 displays of fascinating under the sea life.  As you soak in the clean, fresh air of the beach, it would be a good idea to take a donkey ride on the beach.

Sand Sculpting

Unleashing a creative fiesta on the sands of the Weston beach, the annual Sand Sculpture Festival has a growing share of fan-following. Even if you miss the festival, you can try your hand at sculpting on the golden sands of the beach for a captivating memory to look back at.

Helicopter Museum

Adding a pleasant surprise is an uncanny museum at the seaside resort. Weston is also home to the world’s largest undercover Helicopter Museum that has an incredible array of restored Helicopters.


Located within a mile from the beach, the Weston super Mare museum recreates a bygone era with period costumes and jewellery on one hand and toys and dolls on the other.

Nature Trails

Dotting the landscape with a picturesque effect are the lush, verdant parklands of Grove, Ellenborough, Ashcombe and Clarence.

Adventure Sports

Enduro, the annual Weston Beach Race is eagerly awaited by every bike enthusiast and is a major tourist draw.

Illuminated Carnival

Among the world’s biggest illuminated carnivals, the Weston Guy Fawkes Carnival keeps millions of spectators hooked and has over 130 entries.

So, packing in something for everyone, be it nature trails, adventure sports, museum or simply soaking the sun, Weston super Mare is a memorable resort worth a visit.