Marketing for Pubs and Restaurants – Websites and more

There are more than 12,000 restaurants in London alone. Within the city limits, there are about 5000 pubs. In the whole of UK, there are millions of restaurants and bars. If you have to exist in this sort of competition, you have to come up with the best of foods and service.

But more importantly, you need to spread word about the numerous delicacies you serve. This is where your marketing skills kick in. Today, you can give a huge impetus to your marketing campaign by integrating online and offline marketing techniques.

A website can be the most effective base camp for your marketing campaign. By designing a visually appealing and easy to use website, you can create a one stop solution for any information that prospective visitors need to know about your business.
The most important part is SEO. With an effective SEO campaign inclusive of on-page and off-page optimisation methods, you can increase the search engine rank of your website, increase its visibility and hence obtain more customers.

Email marketing
Send emails to existing customers and potential ones. There are several ways to obtain email addresses legally. Some such methods include putting a newsletter subscription form on your website, using social media, or by simply asking people who visit your restaurant or pub. Send creatively crafted newsletters to bring more people to your premises.

Social media
Social media has been a gift to marketing. Millions of people in UK are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Target your customer group and communicate with them on these platforms. Join communities of local residents because these can get you a large number of customers. Form new communities and encourage people to join in.

You can start interesting discussions about the food scenario in UK on the social media and engage people by asking for their opinions. Hold contests on social media and award free coupons for your restaurant or pub to the winners.

There are a whole lot of activities that you can take up on social media. Essentially, the intention is to communicate continuously with people in your region.

Local directory listings
Make sure that your restaurant or pub is listed on local online and offline directories. Always leave the link to your website in these directory listings so that interested visitors can visit your website for more details. Google Places is a good place to list your business.

Finally, make sure that you are always in the news. You can give out special discounts and offers. Organize events and invite people. Hold food festivals and buffet meals.

Marketing is a continuous process. There is never a full stop. So, keep at it.