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Golf Club Website Design

Ben Smith discusses how an attractively designed and multi- functioned website is a real asset to a golf club.

For clubs of all kinds the advent of the internet is a wonderful opportunity.  As more and more people of all ages are connected on line, and in a myriad of ways, even the quite conservative and prestigious world of the golf club can reach existing and tap into new audiences.

Apart from showcasing using lovely photography the physical attractiveness of the course(s), where seductive modern images can perhaps be mixed with some fascinating historic shots, the written word and moving images can offer yet more detail to whet the prospective golfer’s appetite. Hole by hole guides can be offered with photos, videos and copy describing the idiosyncrasies and challenges of each one.

The club house is another attractive aspect of many golf clubs, which, in addition to its role as the social hub of the golf club has huge potential and one which frequently operates in areas that are not necessarily golf related and are a valuable source of funds. The club house bookings for social events, lunches, school proms, tribute bands etc are important sources of revenue and an exciting way to keep public interest in your brand active.

Book Courses Online

As well as advertising the many attractions of your club, modern websites offer easy interaction. Rounds can be booked, venue hire can be organized. If you have a pro shop on site then a virtual shop can be a feature of your website, where lessons with the pro can be booked and clubs, apparel and other golfing accessories can be purchased.

It is possible to increase the ‘club like’ feel of the website by having password protected areas for members. In these areas, special discounts and offers, member only social and golf events etc can be hosted.

Gift vouchers for use in the shop or for use against rounds of golf could be available for purchase and redemption. Perhaps your pro can offer video’s of exercises, coaching and tips on technique, exclusives to members. Competitions within the club and intra-club can be published with the opportunity to make bookings and enter scores. Of course links to the national handicap recording and other golfing sites – such as ‘how did I do’ would be a ready feature

These days, as sites can easily be morphed to be viewed on mobile devices as well as conventional computer screens, your club’s services can be offered to those on the move. Visitors might be able to become day members, or book a session on your driving range via their device.  You golf pro could offer members ‘swing surgery’ type videos. These useful little films could be watched by those actually out on the fairway to help them with their game, in situ.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use your site to look for staff and we can help you with SEO to ensure that the site appears in the areas where talented golf professionals, efficient catering managers and reliable green keeping staff will be looking for work.

If the above has given you a taste of what an exciting site you could have for your club. Give us a call to find out more about the design, budget and implementation of such a site.