Affordable Bristol Website Design and Somerset

Your website is often the first and most important chance to impress. It is YOUR shop window. Our duty is to ensure you send out the right message. We work closely with you throughout the website design and build process ensuring you are happy with the final result. From a simple website to a complex bespoke system, we can help at an affordable cost.

Functionality of a GREAT website

The main idea of a website is to provide useful information to your customers / new customers. You should make sure that your website has a good user interface and clear calls to action if you want the user to purchase through it. Present relevant and useful information on the site and ensure that the navigation is intuitive, which leads the customer to the information they are searching for. Besides your navigation, your brand is what people remember and hence your logo and your nature of business should reflect in your website. You should also include a tag line if you have one, so it is clear what your business sells or provides. Connect with users – your business website should definitely have an about us section that talks about your company. A contact us form will allow you to connect to your customers. Testimonials from customers will help build trust in potential customers, ideally video which has a higher conversion rate.