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Ambulance website design

Designing for clients serving the public and private sectors we talk about the example of a private ambulance service in the Bristol area.

Ben Smith Web Design are experienced in helping clients to design sites when their target clientele are both the public and private sectors, for example of a private ambulance service in the Bristol area

When we designed and built Bristol Ambulance’s website can worked with a two pronged approach. We wanted to showcase our client’s skills and ability to handle the movement of the public both for emergency medical reasons and also for the safe transport of clients with existing challenging and high dependency medical conditions. We promoted the gravitas our client enjoyed owing to it being a partner chosen to meet the rigours of the work carried out by the NHS who are, after all the front line in ambulance use. It was important to stress that our client’s vehicles and staff were good enough for this cutting edge area of Ambulance work and that they also supported the Health Service in other areas which while not of such an urgent nature, were equally challenging and demanding of high standards of service.

In addition, we wanted to show and expand upon the areas of that Bristol Ambulance serves that the NHS does not have the time or funding to do – the bespoke side of this field. That of offering a private ambulance service. These types of service might include taking a very sick person to a special family event for example

We also wanted to stress that our client could offer services for on site emergencies at large functions. We have all seen the St John’s ambulance at events, so the idea of an ambulance on ‘standby’ is familiar to the public. Bristol Ambulance offers its services at musical festivals, various sporting occasions, equestrian and motor-cycle events and we wanted to stress this service so that the organisers of such events would easily find our client.

Additionally, our client uses their site to promote the extra services that you they offer. First Aid courses for example, a must in every workplace and increasingly attended voluntarily by those who want to know more about these vital skills. Blue light driving skills is another specialized training area.

Staff recruitment is a vital part of a site like this because our client needs to have a pool of skilled operatives experienced and trained to work in the medical front line and possessing the very special skills required to drive an emergency vehicle. For both clients and potential workers, it was important that the site showed the history, professional standing, experience and existing professional partners who work with Bristol Ambulance, it was also important to show the client’s QCC credentials.

If your enterprise works in a diverse sectors like this, talk to us about how we can help you to design and build a multi-faceted site.