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Website Design for sports academies, coaches and clubs

Ben Smith Web Design can produce affordable and highly interactive websites for sports academies, coaches and clubs – with the example of the world of football

For clubs of all kinds the advent of the internet is an unparalleled marketing and communication opportunity.  We have designed sites for two areas of the football world, one being a local football academy and another being a countywide association which helps to promote and help the successful running of local amateur football clubs. Clearly the approaches to these two briefs were slightly different, one is a commercial venture which must attract paying clients and turn a profit to survive, the other relies on the goodwill and hard-work of volunteers. Both, share a common need however – to attract and engage those who are passionate about ‘the beautiful game’.

Both types of organization share the desire to speak to those who are loyal to the brand – students in the case of academies and members in the case of associations. These visitors can be rewarded with special offers and privileges.  They also wish to engage new clients and members.

The sites work for the client on different levels.  There are areas for coaches, referees, linesmen and other officials and all matters relating to their training etc. There can be links to relevant professional bodies, advise about everything from rules clarification to guidance on safe-guarding and CRB compliance. Football academies with professional staff can offer profiles and CVs of their professional coaches. They can also make great play of their link to any professional team. The use of moving images on a site like this allows you to show skills and tips on the one hand and show the excitement and beauty of the game on the other.

Mobile Web Design

Sites that can be viewed on mobile devices as well as conventional computer screens mean that services can be offered that are of use for those specifically on the move. A factor that is particularly appealing to younger people – exactly the kinds of people that many clubs and academies want to attract.  Links to the leagues that can be played in with results and plenty of images will engage members and visitors.

Use of various social media platforms allows further access to this type of site.  A community of followers can be developed, and events and results tweeted on a frequent basis.

If the academy has building that it can hire out for functions, this is a good way to raise revenue. Either football focused events such as kids’ parties with a football coaching or non-related use can be catered for and marketed on your site All such events can be booked and paid for via the website. Sites do not have to be flashy or large to appeal to those with an interest in the type of facilities being offered, or an existing loyalty to a particular club, they just have to engage and be relevant.

Both of these types of organization need staff, with the academy this will probably be of a professional nature, coaches, greenskeepers, and other employees from  sports physiotherapists to catering staff and we will help you put your site where it will be seen by such people. Amateur clubs and associations are kept alive by the right sort of dedicated volunteers so we can help them interface with this sort of viewer too.