Marketing for pub’s, bar’s and restaurant’s.

Ben Smith discusses the clear benefits of having a website for your pub, bar, restaurant and what we can do for your business.

The first essential service we offer is Web Design in Bristol which truly gives a feel of your pub/restaurant. Being creative in the virtual world of your site is very inspiring and liberating. Using atmospheric pictures and the myriad of typefaces, colours, layout styles and other design features all combine to enable you put forward the mood and unique appeal of your establishment. The backlight of the screens such images are viewed on really brings these images to life.  Images of log fires or candlelight are reproduced with all their warmth, glow and atmosphere, a beautiful verdant pub garden or outside eating area be can shown instantly at its best on a sunny summer day. Your funky crockery, glassware and interiors can be shown in all their vivid colour to prospective clients – instantly. The use of sound and moving image to reproduce atmosphere can be employed to push this idea further if you wish.

We understand about designing websites including producing a version that gives all the essential information to your potential public’s smartphones and tablets. We can hand you over a website that you yourself can populate and update by use of easy to use content management systems.  Your own words and images can be uploaded simply,  and published in seconds.  The website, your shop window to the world on the internet, is a wonderful way for you inform and interact with your audience, and is very useful for those who wish to make changes quickly and on a frequent basis. You can advertise special events, news and promotions. You can upload sample menus and these can be changed easily, to keep your site up to date, but also to make it easier for the search engines that list sites on the internet to find your site more attractive as it offers fresh content frequently.

With full use of a mobile friendly site, no longer does your target audience have to be at the desk-top or even lap top computer to find you,  or to make contact with you. As they look for place to eat or meet friends for a drink, while on the move, they have access, literally in their hand, to your business.

In the fast-moving world of eating out and drinking out, Ben Smith can make your site ready to respond to prospective customers.  They can contact you effortlessly either by telephone, social media or via the site itself and if you offer food, we can set up comprehensive on-line booking services with the full back up service of confirmation emails/texts for you.

When it comes to keeping up with your competitors, we have technical strategies to create a strong online presence for you. We are fully conversant and up-to-date with all coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods. You can be proactive yourself in this area too. An effective way to bring traffic to your site might be a regular blog. For restaurants this might be recipes for signature dishes or cocktails or special promotional posts.  These are free on the internet – so are perceived to have ‘added value’ for any viewer, they can develop quite a following  and they are also a highly effective way to lead prospective customers to your site.  If you do not have the time to do this, while running a busy restaurant, ask Ben Smith about our blog writing services.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use your site to look for staff and we can help you with SEO to ensure that the site appears in the areas where talented and appropriate chefs, catering managers and serving staff will be looking for work.

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