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Ben Smith talks about market exposure for niche businesses – for example the specialised world of water treatment

We understand about designing websites and we have technical strategies to create a strong online presence for any client and naturally, we are fully conversant and up-to-date with all coding, SEO tactics and other electronic marketing methods required in our field.  As a web designing studio and SEO specialist – view our web design portfolio, we never know what sort of product or service we will be asked to design a website for and to help market next, this makes our work constantly challenging and interesting. It also keeps us on our toes, not only in our own areas of expertise –  building attractive, informative and easy to navigate sites and using the full complement of our SEO skills– but also in our acquisition of knowledge about our individual clients’ specialisms and needs.

As an example of the type of work in what many would consider specialised or niche we have, for example, worked successfully with a client who specialises in water treatment processes for use in the industrial arena. As always, their site needed to be ‘out there’ SEO speaking and it needed to do so in a way that will be found easily by the target audience who were looking for this particular type of service.  The site like this will make use of all the specialist language of the field so that when potential clients search for what they need they find it by landing on our client’s site.

In order to do this successfully, Ben Smith Web Design Bristol needed to have an understanding of all areas of the client’s industry, and the various services they supply.  It was important to be aware that this is a site that may need to be found quickly in an emergency. It is, however, also a site that needs to persuade prospective clients that an on-going relationship (in the form of service contracts) with our client is a good idea in terms of level of service, reliability and value for money.  The site must inform their target market of all the services, products, type of contract and support available. It must then allow interface between the site and prospective clients.   In order to retain their existing customers, the site must make it easy for that relationship to continue smoothly and efficiently. Special log-in areas within the site are a feature of this, where bespoke technical reports prepared by our client and which they can load onto the site themselves, can be accessed by registered clients. Additionally, other ‘value added’ extras such as discounted water purification products are available to buy and staff training can also be organised for those who are registered.

Finally, the site can also serve as a recruitment tool when required by our client. The website must be high ranking and visible to those staff who are skilled in the field of commercial water treatment, who may be seeking new employment now or in the future.

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