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How websites can be a wonderful showcase for Architects’ practices

Given the high quality of their images and the freedom to be almost infinitely expansive, websites are an ideal vehicle for those who work in any area of the world of design. When art and design meet science – as they do in an architects’ practice, the extra dimensions of all the other facets that a website can offer come into play.

We know that a well- designed website for an architect client can tap into people’s dreams, those can then begin to become manifest ‘on paper’ (or more accurately screen) through the application of the architects craft. In addition to this, the bricks and mortar,(often literally) and civil engineering skills involved in making buildings become a beautiful, functional reality can also be explained and illustrated on the site.

A well designed site can be a real aid to selling a lifestyle aspiration.  As a client working with us, you will have strong ideas about the visual aspects of your site and you will no doubt apply your own slant on this approach, depending on the type of market you are aiming at.

Some practices may wish to adopt a very esoteric approach, almost challenging the viewer to understand their vision and marvel at their creativity, on the other hand you might chose to be user friendly to all types of projects.  You might build a site (or offer two sites) offering both approaches to harvest various types of client.

By use of artistic shots of existing buildings, your own or those in a manner you would be happy and able to design for clients, making use of artistic sketches, plans and even 3-D walk through models, you can give a real sense of life to such ideas.

Expanding on this idea to look at how a building is ‘born’ you have plenty of space to explain how the process works – again by showing the stages of CAD design, the skills of the architectural and civil engineers, those who source materials etc.  Stills and videos can be deployed to show all stages of the actual building process, visually explaining the work involved and importance of the architect’s knowledge and flare producing a fit for purpose building. All of these matters are of interest to people who have the dream of a new home, school, art gallery etc, This rich, original material keeps visitors on your site, and is loved by the search engines.

Your site can appeal to the public, to those in positions of decision making in public bodies and the private sector. Your specialisms can be emphasized so that business to business liaison can be facilitated. Again, you may decide to have a cluster of sites, rather than just one to appeal to the various groups interested in the commissioning of building design.

Talk to us. We have huge experience in this specialist area and will be delighted to be your partner on the building of this particular project. We should also remind you to that if and when your practice is looking for skilled consultants, staff or business to business partners, then make use of your site to make contact with such people. We will help you to get your site to the places it needs to be for your specific needs, including make use of such specialized social media as Linkedin and specialist architecture hubs.

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