Compulsory Information on a Website?

What Information is Compulsory on a Website?
With an increase in the number of online frauds, users have become very cautious, especially when they buy products or services from ecommerce websites. One of the first things that visitors do is to go through information about the company. As a business owner, you could lose credibility with potential customers.

In order to ensure transparency and honesty on the web, there are certain rules and regulations about the information that should be included in every website. This information is meant to allow web users evaluate the reliability of the website before making purchases.


Information about the company
Name of the proprietor or service provider along with his contact details is compulsory information. In addition, geographic address of registration is necessary, even if the store does not have a brick and mortar store/branch office.

You also need to provide registration number of the business, VAT Registration if available and any other identification numbers or certificates that are appropriate. Details about the authority that authorised the company to be in business should be included.

Affiliations and titles
Service providers need to publish information about their titles and affiliations. For example, if you sell health care products, all information about the companies with which you are affiliated for purchase and distribution of the goods needs to be provided.

This also applies to service providers. If you are a personal trainer, for instance, you must provide details about the place where you trained and received certification. You must also publish the area where certification, affiliation or titles were obtained need.

Onlibe Product details, costs and terms and conditions
Every online store should provide explicit terms and conditions in a printable format. Mention the prices of the products very clearly along with all tax rates that are associated with them.

Provide a clear break up of the price into cost of the product and taxes. Details about purchase contract and accessibility of the contract by the shopper are also compulsory. Return and refund policy should be stated unambiguously.

Privacy and data protection information
According to the Data Protection Act 1998, details about the data controller, representatives of the data controller if any, and the different purposes for which the data could be used are to be provided compulsorily. In case certain kinds of data are shared, complete details about that third party, usage pattern of the data and duration of data storage are required.

Here, “data” refers to personal information of website users. If your website uses cookies, it is mandatory to inform the user about them and about how the cookies work.