How can Pinterest Help Your Website Profile?

Pinterest is fast gaining momentum. It has already become the fourth largest social media platform. This online pin board has almost 10 million registered users and the number is increasing every day. Although essentially Pinterest was started as a photo sharing site, its scope has grown immensely.

It can be an excellent tool to strengthen your online presence and aid your SEO campaign. In fact, Pinterest is ranks first in terms of the number of customers that a social media website sends to stores.

Your website profile

The uniqueness of Pinterest is that there are no separate profiles for people or businesses. However, it has been found that informal and friendly conversations are more effective in driving customers when compared to professional communication.

One good thing to do is use your picture rather than the logo of your company. The human touch acts in your favour and gives a face to your business.

Engage using interesting pins

Create an interesting pin board using varied images that are relevant to your business. You can use photographs, images of articles, good one liners, infographics and other images. In order to be more effective, collect images of relevant objects across varied genres.

For example, if you have a health and fitness website, collect images of healthy foods, exercises, adventure sports, happy people and low fat delicacies.

People who like your board follow you. This means that whenever you make new posts or inclusions to your pin board, your target audience can see them. By including more variety, you can ensure that your pin board appeals to larger groups of people.

The more interesting your pin board is, higher will be the number of visitors and better are your chances of increasing your clientele.

Create ideas, not pin boards

Strengthen your profile by creating stories and ideas using Pinterest. If you sell a particular product, use Pinterest to show the different ways in which users can use your product.

You can also create a timeline sort of series using images to show “before” and “after” aspects of using your product. Such creative pin boards not only attract more interesting viewers, but also show the creativity of your company.

Become more visible

Pinterest has a search box that visitors use to search for businesses. By being a part of the Pinterest community, you can increase your chances of being found by potential customers.

With regard to SEO, the biggest advantage is that every image gets you a back link. Furthermore, your SEO rank increases in direct proportion to the number of times the board is shared.

So, jump on to the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of Pinterest.